Beautiful deisgn vs. functionality…

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Would you rather have something beautiful or functional? Or both? And when do you decide to do this analysis?

No doubt beautiful things are desired by all of us. We all love to own beautiful pieces in our homes.

As a designer, I always lean towards creating beautiful and unique designs or products. But I always have the dilemma of incorporating functionality into the equation. Of course, the purpose of conception is the primary drive. Am I required to design a piece of work to service for something in particular? Or am I required to create a piece that will complement the overall interior design and feel of the space? Is it going to serve a purpose or use?
Depending on the purpose and direction I can then create my designs with keeping the balance between creativity and functionality.

But what about the consumer? Or the end user? When would you choose beautiful designs over functionality? Here’s what I think.
I believe that everyone is entitled to experience beauty and creativity one way or another. Having beautiful designs in your homes is the start. Let me start by saying that beauty and creativity is a crucial part of your learning experience in life. With every new creation, there is a logic and an exciting process behind it. That experience would open your eyes to many new things out there.
Not to mention, how beautiful design pieces would change the feel and look of your homes. Your home is your personal space, where you want to relax and indulge in the comfort and switch off from the outside world. This is why you would need to surround yourself with beautiful things, unique things that would help you create positive vibes around you and get motivated.
Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, and in the things, that would make you feel better and happier.

Love to hear your thoughts…

Every home must have items…


Every home no matter how big or small must have certain items within its interior. Those items are guaranteed to make your spaces look and feel lovely.

1. Mirrors:
• Can be deceiving, they will make an area appear more spacious.
• Can also be a beautiful piece of art to display.
• Can be used to cover any imperfections in your walls
• Can also help in reflecting light, which means a brighter home.

2. Candles:
• Can play a significant role in affecting your mood. They can be the perfect resource to creating the best mood effects – you would desire.
• Can create great lighting effects.
• Can be one of the best decorative items that you can display all around your home.

3. Accent furniture piece:
• Can add a new dimension to space, thus making it more attractive with an edge
• Can be comprehended as a piece of art.

4. Lighting:
• Can create different ambiance.
• Can cast interesting shadows.
• Can be used to create artwork.
• Can create the illusion of making space look cramped or spacious.

5. Art / Paintings
• Can add to space a whole new level of sophistication.
• Can make the space more personalized.
• Can bring a great source of colors to space.

6. Plants / Flowers:
• Can be used as decorative items within your space.
• Can change the feel of the space.
• Can be a source of color to complement your space.
• Can be used as a dividing element between spaces.

Try to incorporate those factors into your homes, and I guarantee you will have a complete home improvement experience.

Love to hear your thoughts…

Interested in hiring an interior is your list:

Believe it or not, there is as much responsibility on you as on the interior designer you wish to hire. First, you need to have a couple of things sorted out before you go down that road. And yes, a budget is on top of the list. Let me put it this way, have you ever walked into a supermarket with the intention of getting your groceries for free!!I honestly hope not. You need to have a budget allocated for the interior designer’s fees as well as for the fascinating design experience you are about to have.

Deciding on the spaces you wish to refurbish or recreate, is also one of the important things you need to consider carefully. Only because some of those spaces might be intertwined together. Which means that the design and feel of those spaces need to work together.

To get the most out of any interior design professional, you need to let them know what you want exactly, and to be transparent with them concerning what your needs are, your living habits, and your expectations. That will make it very easy for both of you, which will eventually ease the way for the decision-making process. Yes, believe it or not, you are expected to make a lot of decisions throughout this process. Knowing what you want will ease the way for you to decide on the design, materials, etc.

Let me put it this way, working with an interior designer is a very personal experience. The clearer, more dedicated and determined you are the more successful and fruitful the outcomes would be.

If there is one good advice to give it would be to embark on this journey with an open mind. Accept new ideas and suggestions from your interior design professional. This by far could be one of the most interesting, life changing, and educational experiences you would have.

Enjoy it and make your time and money worthwhile:)