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It is exciting to know that trends include foods as well. I mean isn’t it great to always have good and healthy food options to incorporate in your diet? There are many advantages to that, as a starter, it breaks the routine. You are not to get bored by eating the same thing over and over again, for those people who say that healthy eating is depressing and boring. Another significant advantage is that your body gets to benefit other than what it is accustomed to, by introducing new and different nutrients. And for those who love and appreciate cooking healthy, it’s just another way of enjoying cooking by mixing up new flavors together.
After much research I have come to conclude the following trendy foods for 2018:
1. Hydrogen water
This is water with extra hydrogen gas added to it. Some claim that it is an energy booster and helps with muscle recovery. Even if it isn’t right, it’s still water, and it is good for you.
2. Turmeric anything
These products are getting so much attention due to the antioxidants it contains. Anything from turmeric milk to turmeric powder, even beauty products,
3. Drinking soups
These are ready bottled rich in antioxidants soups and juices. A very convenient way to get the healthy nutrients on the go.
4. Pea milk
Simply because its vegan vegan vegan, and a great milk substitute for lactose intolerance people.
5. Date syrup
Because it’s a healthier sugar alternative, rich in flavor and works well with many savory and sweet food options.
6. Vegan cheese
Since its made from almond and cashew milk, it’s a great substitute to animal-based cheese.
7. Floral & middle eastern flavors
Zaatar and fresh edible flowers are everywhere from foods and drinks.
8. Plant-based foods
Of course, this popular food option continues to be popular through 2018.

With that, I conclude this post and so excited to try these trendy food options myself.

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