“You are a badass” by Jen Sincero

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“You are a badass” I bought this book when I was LA a month ago. Let me start by saying that I’m not surprised that this book is #1 New York Times bestseller. I just love it, and I finished reading it in one week. Kid you not. It felt great reading this book, I have enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t put it aside for a minute.

Jen (the writer) apparently has the experience, and she knows what she’s talking about in her book. She’s also funny and has a great writing style. The book is very engaging, and she feeds you information in the best and humorous way possible. Unlike the regular depressing self-help books out there, this book actually motivates you and gives you methods that you can follow to change (if you’ve decided to change in the first place).

The great thing about this book is that not only was it inspiring to me, but also to my 14 year old daughter. I have shared a few chapters with my daughter that I felt could be helpful for her in her teen years, and she came back to me saying that she would like to read the whole book once I finish it.

Another bonus that this book offers an abundance book references included, with a brief description of the books listed.

I’m always on the lookout for good self-help books, and I very much enjoy reading that sort of book genre. But I have also been disappointed more than a few times in some of the books that I came across. On the other hand, this book was worth the money and the time.

I highly recommend it to you guys. Also, below is the writer’s website for you to check her out yourselves.


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