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I hope you all had a great summer vacation. And now that it is over, it’s time to pull yourselves back into reality and get back on track into business, school, or whatever you do. And focus all your energy on being productive and fruitful. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you cannot dream of your next vacation:)

Fitcation is your go to type vacation.

Fitcation is not a traditional trip; it’s a journey that focuses on healthy lifestyle and fitness, combining a mix of sports and training routines. You can choose to go on those trips by yourself or as a couple, or even family.

This style of vacations has become popular recently. And what’s better than staying fit on your vacation:) you can find great fitcation retreats. All from beach retreats, to mountain retreats and others.

Such retreats can include everything from running programs to boot camp, meditation, yoga, and much more. It’s a great opportunity to focus on your inner soul and nutrition. It is also an opportunity to experience mindfulness and meditation.

Inevitably, it’s nothing like your typical vacation (even if you try to eat healthily and exercise when you’re on vacation). The structure of those retreats revolves around those sports programs and healthy eating.

Many retreats are taking place in beautiful locations, such as Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, Canada, and many other great destinations. And are available throughout the year. Most of the fitcation retreats have several activity levels, where they offer both beginners and advanced programs. If you’re a fitness junkie, or not, those retreats are so beneficial for you and extremely motivational. It’s such an excellent chance for you to focus on yourself and your loved ones and spend quality time rejuvenating. Breaking away from your regular vacation routine and exploring something new.

Keep it on your bucket list; it’s worth experiencing.

Go back happier and healthier

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