Beautiful deisgn vs. functionality…

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Would you rather have something beautiful or functional? Or both? And when do you decide to do this analysis?

No doubt beautiful things are desired by all of us. We all love to own beautiful pieces in our homes.

As a designer, I always lean towards creating beautiful and unique designs or products. But I always have the dilemma of incorporating functionality into the equation. Of course, the purpose of conception is the primary drive. Am I required to design a piece of work to service for something in particular? Or am I required to create a piece that will complement the overall interior design and feel of the space? Is it going to serve a purpose or use?
Depending on the purpose and direction I can then create my designs with keeping the balance between creativity and functionality.

But what about the consumer? Or the end user? When would you choose beautiful designs over functionality? Here’s what I think.
I believe that everyone is entitled to experience beauty and creativity one way or another. Having beautiful designs in your homes is the start. Let me start by saying that beauty and creativity is a crucial part of your learning experience in life. With every new creation, there is a logic and an exciting process behind it. That experience would open your eyes to many new things out there.
Not to mention, how beautiful design pieces would change the feel and look of your homes. Your home is your personal space, where you want to relax and indulge in the comfort and switch off from the outside world. This is why you would need to surround yourself with beautiful things, unique things that would help you create positive vibes around you and get motivated.
Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, and in the things, that would make you feel better and happier.

Love to hear your thoughts…

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