What inspires you!

Inspiration is all around us. You can get inspired by anything you see, touch or feel. I believe that inspiration is the basis for creativity. The creativity to draw, design, or write. You get inspired, creative, and motivated. Three of the most beautiful and powerful words in the world.
I get inspired all the time, and I constantly get ideas for new projects. Honestly, some of them work, and some don’t. But that’s normal I guess. For example, I started a furniture line a few years back. I have always loved and still love furniture design in an unbelievable way. But unfortunately, that didn’t last for long. I guess people here were still not ready for young local designers. However, the point is to keep trying. Recently, I’m working on a new project, a fabulous product that would complement every space (I’ll speak about it more in details once it comes to life). And I’m very excited about it. I have spent a lot of time researching and developing this product. Nowadays, I feel there is a bigger platform for creativity. Many young designers have emerged to the surface, and they are doing a great job
So let’s all get inspired, creative, and motivated together!


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